White Glove Delivery Eases Stress and Provides Relief Upon Arrival

White Glove Delivery Reduces Stress When Your Order Arrives When ordering furniture online, you may find a specification under “shipping and handling” that says the item is eligible for “white glove delivery.” Fortunately, Inmod offers this option on all of our items within the contiguous 48 states in the U.S, if specified upon checkout and for an additional fee. What is white glove delivery? White glove delivery can vary from item-to-item and from store-to-store, but in general, it means that when your items are shipped to you, you will not have to handle bringing your item into your home or unpacking your item. As much as we can’t wait for our new modular desk or tempered glass dining table to arrive, very few of us want to lug large pieces of furniture or drag heavy boxes into our home by ourselves! White Glove Delivery eases the stress of handling items delivered to your home. In most instances, they will also dispose of packing materials for you. Other specifications include light to moderate assembly (such as screwing legs onto furniture) and placing your furniture in a specific room of your choice. The amount of flights of stairs and even the assembly time can differ depending on the item you purchase. Why is white glove delivery helpful? White glove delivery is helpful for those that are elderly or have physical disabilities that prevent them from the tedious task of removing furniture from packaging and disposing it themselves. It is also helpful for those who may not have the physical strength or physical capability of moving their furniture into a specific room, especially if stairs are involved. For those who simply want to reduce any stress that can come along with furniture delivery, it is a beneficial and useful option! What delivery options does Inmod offer to their customers? We want to ensure our customers have multiple options when items are delivered to their home. This includes Inside Delivery and Inside Delivery & Setup. We include this on all items shipped within the contiguous 48 states in the U.S. It is an additional fee during checkout, unless the product page specifies white glove delivery service on a specific item. Inside Delivery includes the carrier delivering your order into the first dry area within your home or office. This does not include assembly, if the item requires assembly. Inside Delivery & Setup which is also referred to as White Glove Delivery includes the carrier delivers your order into the room of your choice, assembles your item(s) and disposes of packaging at your request. If your home or office has 2 flights of stairs, these are also included. If there are additional flights of stairs, we can accommodate you, but please reach out to our customer service team beforehand. How can white glove delivery ensure extra precaution from COVID-19 coronavirus? There has been a lot of anxiety surrounding the shipping and handling of products from overseas with the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. Studies have shown coronaviruses and viruses in general, do not remain infectious for very long on surfaces of objects or in packaging materials your items arrive in. However, for those who want to take extra precautions, White Glove Delivery services will ensure you won’t have to handle the removal or disposal of packaging on items delivered to you. In addition the delivery companies we use take all of the necessary precautions recommended by the CDC to ensure consumer safety. What can you do if a store doesn’t have white glove delivery on all of their items? Many furniture stores only offer this service on specific items. Fortunately, Inmod offers this service on all of our items. You can inquire with the store you buy from, if they will offer this service on any item you request. If the store does not provide this service for every item, you can find out if a transportation company or a delivery carrier service can provide it regardless if the store you buy from offers this option. White glove delivery provides additional relief when ordering items online. It makes buying furniture more convenient and less strenuous. Inmod offers this helpful option on all items within the contiguous 48 states of the U.S. Contact our customer service team for any more questions regarding Inside Delivery and Inside Delivery & Setup.