Ready to learn about all the reasons you’ll love mid-century modern design? We compiled a list of the top 10 to ignite your inspiration: 1) History Legend has it, the term “mid-century modern” was coined by designer, architect and business owner Florence Knoll Bassett. Knoll Furniture Company began in 1941 and by 1950, the term “mid-century modern” solidified itself as a household name. There were vast amounts of influences shaping its origin and evolution. From organic abstract to clean-cut geometric form, mid-century modern designers followed a versatile recipe combining sculptural art, sensible architecture and cultural richness into their most recognizable furniture. 2) Nostalgia Today, mid-century modern furniture follows a similar recipe to its predecessors. In fact, many of the most popular furnishings are reproductions of the original designs dating all the way back from the late 1920s into the early 1970s. Adorning your home with these furnishings heightens your nostalgia with a real life time capsule interwoven into your interior design. 3) Variety There is a remarkable selection of furnishings easily defined as mid-century modern. From the earthy Scandinavian-inspired approach of all wood, geometric form with splayed legs to the futuristic space-age styling of molded plastic, spherical form with pedestal bases – there is something for everyone to enjoy. 4) Ergonomics The organic shapes our bodies take and the natural movements our bodies make are a large part of mid-century modern design. In this sense, ergonomics essentially means comfortable design with an emphasis on human needs. 5) Functionality Our human needs lead us into the functional aspect of mid-century modern design. Everything has its purpose and everything has its place in our home. This type of functionality makes way for multi-purpose mid-century modern designs. For example, a modular display case that can serve as a bookshelf, room divider and as a display case. 6) Innovative Techniques The innovative techniques used to make many of the renowned mid-century modern designs involved new technologies, experimentation and sustainable practices. Some of these processes include molded fiberglass and plastic, layered bentwood and galvanized metal. 7) Minimalism There are some design enthusiasts who believe minimalism sprouted from mid-century modern design. Architecturally, mid-century modern emphasized minimalist qualities including open spaces, few obstructions and increased connection with the natural world. Minimalism prioritizes essentials over excess. This is the reason mid-century modern designs have very few embellishments or ornate details. 8) Designers The amount of famous mid-century modern designers known by name or by furnishing is impressive. From professional architects and film directors, to grocery store clerks and bank tellers, you can find at least one person, regardless of their professional background or education, who will know of a mid-century modern designer or recognize a mid-century modern design. If you’ve heard of the Egg Chair, Ball Chair, Shell Chair, Womb Chair, Executive Chair or Tolix Chair, you are in good company. Does the name Harry Bertoia, Arne Jacobsen, Eero Saarinen, George Nelson, Alvar Aalto, Hans Wegner, Xavier Pauchard or Charles and Ray ring a bell? Mid-century modern is by far the most well-known style to date. 9) Film, Television, Politics Mid-century modern furniture has made appearances in countless commercials, television series and film sets. Even in politics! Madmen, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Star Trek, James Bond and The Big Lebowski, just to name a few. There is no doubt mid-century modern furniture has the longest running appearance as the most popular extra on the boob tube and big screen. 10) Versatility Even if the entirety of your house is designed in a specifically distinct style, mid-century modern furniture can find a way to fit in with the crowd. In fact, many mid-century modern designs feature a wide array of characteristics from other styles. Some of these styles include Hollywood regency, art deco, eclectic, vintage-retro, farmhouse country, rustic contemporary, japanese minimalist and boho chic. Intermingling your mid-century modern furnishing will be a simple feat. We hope these top 10 reasons to love mid-century modern design have sparked your interest to begin the exciting journey into a new and improved interior design motif!